13 Best Cydia Impactor Alternatives That Still Works in 2024

The ever-reliable Cydia Impactor that helped you to install IPA files on your iOS devices is no longer available. Understandably, it comes as a blow for many users, as Cydia Impactor was time-tested and proved its efficiency over the years. Well, of course, there are suitable alternatives. 

But for most users, finding a suitable Cydia Impactor alternative amidst the crowd of tools is no less than an overwhelming task. Look no further, as we have tested and handpicked the best possible IPA Signing tools that are worthy alternatives for Cydia Impactor. 

13 Best Cydia Impactor Alternatives 


Presently, users can rely on AltStore to bypass the issues of IPA signing and install them on their iOS devices without breaking a sweat. The developer of AltStore was the first person who successfully managed to find a way around installing IPA files without jailbreaking. By using your Apple credentials, you can install the IPA files. Incidentally, the developer of AltStore decided to distribute the tool under the open-source AGPLv3 license as the usage of specific dependencies requires licensing.

You can install up to 3 apps which should work for a week using a free certificate (your Apple ID and password). Furthermore, AltStore lets you upload apps over Wi-Fi with the help of AltServer, and it also resigns the installed apps periodically, preventing them from expiring. It also manages various app updates. Yet another notable feature of AltStore is its ability to deactivate apps which lets you switch between 10 apps maximum. Thus, you can install ten apps on your iOS device and use three at a time. Later, you can deactivate them and use three more.


Sideloadly has become popular for all the right reasons. Although its functionality resembles AltStore, users consider it more user-friendly. Sideloadly is designated to work for Mac and Windows OS. It is loaded with handy features like Wi-Fi sideloading, tweak injection, the convenience of changing the name of apps on your home screen, and multiple install options, to name a few. Sideloadly offers increased security and efficiently hides your username and password from hackers.

To use its multiple install options, ensure you have the latest version of the tool. Sideloadly uses a default method, a normal method, and an Ad-hoc method for installing IPA files. In the default method, the tool makes use of your Apple Developer account to sign in. The normal method, on the other hand, lets you install specifically unencrypted and unchanged IPA files. Lastly, the Ad-hoc method functions on jailbroken devices if you have installed AppSync from Cydia. It is also capable of sideloading both modified and unmodified IPA files. Sideloadly works in older and the latest iOS versions.

Users who plan to use Sideloadly in Windows must download the web version of iTunes and iCloud, or else it wouldn’t work.

AltServer Linux

This tool offers the opportunity for Linux users to sign and install IPA files. Interestingly, AltServer does not support Linux. However, two developers by the name of NyaMisty and Powenn have worked out of their skin to make the tool function in a Linux environment. Previously, to make AltServer work in Linux, users had to use a command line interface which can be complicated for many. 

The handiwork of the developers mentioned above has launched a Graphical User Interface for Linux. The essential thing to remember is AltServer Linux works only via a USB connection. Altserver Linux is a terminal app requiring a console to operate. Linux users can use the tool to install their necessary IPA files and any other jailbreak apps. AltServer Linux includes a system tray app (which is quite similar to that you find in macOS). Here, users can keep track of the available updates, launch the program when they log in, and even install AltStore on various iOS devices. Altserver Linux works with the latest iOS versions too.


3UTools is a multi-functionality tool. You can not only use it to successfully install IPA files, but it also lets you download a jailbreak app with a compatibility detection feature. The reason that makes the tool such an attractive proposition is that after installation, it allows users to manage their photos, videos, ringtones, and any other multimedia files. It also lets the users view the various statuses of their iOS devices like activation, jailbreak, iCloud lock status, and battery information, and furnishes detailed information on everything related to iOS and iDevice.

It even supports Apple’s two-factor authentication. For the unversed, 3UTools can be a worthy replacement for iTunes. Users will find the normal mode, DFU mode, and recovery mode features to be particularly useful. Look no further for firmware, as the tool can efficiently auto-match this firmware for individual iOS devices. The normal mode mentioned earlier can flash the firmware. Its additional or advanced features are equally interesting. Features like SHSH backup, baseband upgrade, or downgrade can be handy at specific intervals. The list of features that 3UTools offer is exhaustive; users looking for a worthy Cydia alternative can find it very productive.


A Cydia Impactor alternative, AltDeploy, looks and works identically to Cydia. It can be a worthy alternative for users who still miss the capabilities of Cydia Impactor. The good thing is that it not only looks like Cydia but also offers a host of useful features. Thus, on all counts, it is considered a worthy alternative for Cydia. With AltDeploy at your disposal, your worries related to app certificate revokes can take a backseat.

The crucial thing to remember is AltDeploy comes with a Mail app add-on. It is mandatory to enable it in the client preferences for the tool to work. If you close the Mail app, it will no longer function. Previously, the developer of AltDeploy had some limitations on the number of apps you could install. After receiving an update, it works with all IPA files you wish to install on your iOS device. Moreover, it also supports the Dark Mode in OS X Mojave and higher versions.


Amidst the crowd utilities that are Cydia alternatives, TrollStore is an exceptional tool. Of course, like most of them, it lets you bypass the app store verification when sideloading apps. But it saves you from the ordeal of re-signing the apps after seven days. It uses the CoreTrust-bypass feature by Linus Henze, and it isn’t necessary to jailbreak the device where you plan to install the apps. 

To put it in simple words, when you work with TrollStore, all the apps you install would be per assigned. You can even install apps with illegal privileges and those with a root helper binary, which is possible owing to the CoreTrust bug in the tool. The CoreTrust-bypass feature will let the apps stay signed permanently even if you restart the device. Furthermore, TrollStore offers an additional feature for iOS 15 users. It enables them to install custom IPA files with ++ hacks without any revokes or involving the hassle of certificate limitations. Those using iOS 14 can also use the tool.

Panda Helper Lite

If you are exhausted trying to find a reliable tool that offers unlimited access to apps and games without revoking, Panda Helper Lite is the solution. Albeit, as all the other Cydia alternatives discussed earlier, it will also let you install IPA files of your choice. It specializes in installing game hacks, jailbreak tools, and ++ apps. It can remove ads and even add extra features to the iOS apps.

Usually, after a developer signs IPA files with new certificates, all the installed apps would stop functioning after some hours. With developers coming out with new certificates each month, app revokes have become common. Panda Helper Lite helps significantly as it cannot be revoked since it is available in the form of a web clip and is a website.

There is a catch, though Panda Helper Lite will only work on jailbroken devices. Therefore, you can install Panda Helper Lite on any jailbroken device via a web link. For best results, you should also install AppSync Unified. To make matters easier, the tool comes with an in-built app manager. Thus, you can use it effectively for managing your apps and games. An additional feature, the clean junk module, also lets you eliminate the junk files occupying space in your device. Furthermore, it also enables you to browse hundreds of cracked games. Overall, the tool is a boon for game lovers.

BullFrog Assistant

BullFrog Assistant lets you install IPA files without jailbreaking. It does not require a computer or Mac. You get the convenience of installing IPA files with the free Apple certificate. Its unique feature is its ability to sign IPAs via personal certificates attached to your Apple ID and password. With BullFrog, you can import IPA files on iCloud, get IPAs via a URL, and even browse the IPA libraries. After importing an app, you can sign install and even change some signature settings.

Its ability to generate a 7-Day certificate is an exceptional feature. It is quite similar to the functionality of AltStore lets you install 10 apps maximum and use any 3 of them simultaneously. After the app gets revoked in seven days, you can resign it with the tool. Since it uses personal certificates, the chances of random revokes are nil.

Final Words

Hopefully, your worries about finding the best Cydia Impactor alternatives are over. If you know of any other apps you believe would be a worthy addition to our list, feel free to send us the names.