How to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch logs are the most important one’s to know the entire chat history as well as active users on your broadcast channel. There are several ways presents to get the chat logs very easily. Before going to know how to get chat logs using primitive methods you have to know what are chat logs and what it does. Twitch is an online live-streaming website where various people can share their views and communicate with each other.

Twitch is more helpful for live streamers to stream others’ actions live on their channels and get responses to their streams through comments. Through the chat logs streamers and viewers can monitor and moderate their communities to take responsible action on Twitch. Let’s get into the Twitch chat logs topic. Chat logs let you know who is active on your channel and who is more engaged with your channel.

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming website that allows people to upload their video content to live tv. People allow uploading whatever they are doing everything like playing games, eating food, and painting. On this site, you can view the content live tv and video on demand. Also lets you add scenes, and start chatting about gaming or anything else online. You can view past broadcasts and the list of chats through chat history.

What Are Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch invites viewers and streamers to communicate with each other while chatting and streaming. Here is the entire chat history that has happened between you and others of a particular broadcast is nothing but Chat logs in Twitch. Through the chat logs streamers and viewers can monitor and moderate their communities to take responsible action on Twitch. By using chat logs streamers can prevent painful or inappropriate comments, and also remove them completely as well as suspend those violators.

Why Do You Need To Check Chat Logs On Twitch?

There might be several causes behind why you need to check chat logs on Twitch, why because, you can understand people’s actions and reactions, the deepest truths, delete hurtful or inappropriate comments, and recognize loyalty streamers. Let’s move on to one after another a little bit deeper.

  • To understand Streamer’s attitude: If you have much more interested in streaming, you should interact with your audience or viewers. So that it is easy for you to understand their tastes in streaming such as likes or dislikes and expectations. Through the chat room, you can understand what they are expecting from you.
  • Estimate Streamer’s reaction: To know streamers’ reactions you have to concentrate on the live and authentic reactions from Streamers so that you can easily catch up with their reactions. Keep in mind that the audience never holds back their thoughts and reactions expressed in the chat room while live chatting and will help you to notice what is working and what’s not working.
  • Get deeper truths: If you always keep monitoring your viewer’s feedback you can ask questions about the streaming. As a result, you will get new ideas from them, which will give you great thoughts to you about what your streamers want.
  • Delete hurtful or inappropriate comments: As you know, what the chat room provided earlier in this session, the chat room has a full list of chatting history that will help you to remove inappropriate, hurtful, derogatory, and disparaging comments. Then suspend streamers who breach terms, and notice that if your streamers communicate in an abusive manner, Twitch straight away warns your broadcast channel if you allow such mannerisms to happen.
  • Review Moderator actions: Moderators are not the perfect decision-makers, some times they can take wrong decisions. Hence, with the help of chat logs, you can review their actions to clinch whether justified actions are taken against them or not.
  • Recognize loyal Streamers: You have to say thanks to your important supporters so that they will understand how you take care of them. Chat logs will always help you to discover the most active and communicated viewers on your streams.

How To Identify Chat Logs On Twitch?

There are various ways to identify your chat logs on Twitch notice that, some websites are prohibited due to some reason. Do not put your attention on those sites there are other ways to track your chat logs on Twitch.

Take the help of the User search command:

With the help of the user search command, you can easily get the list of other users’ comments on Twitch. For this, go to your channel chat box where type ‘/UserXX “XXXX” and then press the enter button. Symbols are indicated in the semicolon’s user name.

Use this feature as a moderator to know the list of chat message history. For this, click on the user name. You will get messages, Timeouts, Bans, and mod comments tags click on the messages tag will show you the list of chat messages on your screen.

Notice that, instead of chat history, Twitch also provides other useful information let’s check it out.

  • The list of messages a user has left on your channel.
  • The user account created date.
  • The user banned your channel how many times?
  • How long the user has been a follower of your channel?

Notice that, this method won’t help you to show the display of previously removed moderators.

Use Third-party Chatbots

Chatty is a third-party application that can shut down quite sensitively, Chatty comes up with lots of advanced features for streamers. This third-party chatty application is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS respectively.

When you use this application will take all of your chat information and let it run in the background while you stream. Let’s check out what Chatty offers features for streamers.

  • Downloads your chat history.
  • It will customize colors to chat.
  • Automate chat moderation.

Notice: Chatty only registers the data from streams that are using this Chatty program. It does not show the stream data and does not register those who are not using Chatty.

Playback Your Streams VODs

A stream is stored as a video on demand on your broadcast channel when a stream has gets ended. Allows you to view the complete stream along with related live chat on that stream. If you want to view the detailed chat logs you can visit the complete stream and examine the live chat as well.

Keep in mind that this process is time-consuming, if you want to see the total stream this would be a highly effective process. When your streamers are watching your streams you can view comments from your audience as they are being entered.

Through Chat Moderator View

When you have moderator access rights you can visit the stream’s chat as a moderator. You need to enter the moderator view in Twitch to get accessing chat logs as a moderator. Follow the below steps to get the moderator view.

  • Click on the sword icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen to get the moderator view. Now choose any user name to get the complete chat history on your channel.


1. How long does Twitch keep logs?

You should turn on the VOD feature to see your past broadcasts. All Prime Turbo users, Twitch partners, and Twitch Turbo users’ past broadcasts will be saved for two months before being deleted.

2. Where are Twitch chat logs?

Type ‘/user’ followed by the related username in your channel chat box and then press the enter button where you will see the list of chats. To see the chat history click on the username and you will view the list of chats.

3. Where is Twitch data stored?

Twitch has collected the user’s information which will be processed and stored in your region.

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier in this section if you are using a third-party Chatty application to stream the entire chat history of other users on Twitch are must use that third-party Chatty application by them otherwise you won’t be able to access their chat history.

If you are very much interested in live streaming let them allow your streaming videos to see by other users, Twitch is the perfect streaming application to upload your streaming videos and get comments from them. Chat logs play an important role to remove the users who are abusing you through comments and prevent them to access your streams on your channel.