15 Best Roblox Games of All Time

To play Roblox all you need to have is an active internet connection at your home. Download the Roblox play store on your personal computer and discover the best simulator, fighting, survival, tycoon, platformer, shooter, and more games. Go through each category on Roblox and discover the games under high-rated games by selecting the more liked percentage. If you choose the survival category you will get the list of related games and you can see each game liking percentage underneath each game.

Tap on the play button of the selected game and start playing the game on Roblox. Roblox allows you to create an avatar yourself and that avatar will appear in each game you have chosen on Roblox. You don’t need to create your avatar again and again for each game.

All Time The Best Roblox Games

Here we are going to introduce the best all-time populated games by adults, kids, and teenagers around the world. You will find the best adventure, battle, horror, detective, action, and more fun on Roblox for free. We have introduced 15 best Roblox games for you such as Combat Warriors, Jailbreak, Adopt Me, Working at a pizza place, Blox Fruits, Natural Disaster Survival, Scuba Diving at Quill Lake, Speed Run 4, Pet Simulator X, Theme Park Tycoon 2, All-star Tower Defense, and more.

1. Working At A Pizza Place

Working at a pizza place offers various jobs to choose from the player. You must work in the Pizza delivery shop as a cook, delivery boy, packing boy, delivery driver, or supplier. You will be provided with a house to live in it. Choose whatever job you want, for instance, let’s say I want to be a cook, once you have selected you are a cook, you will be given a hat and get the daily check. When you choose a chef hat you will become a chef right away. You have to make pizza using ingredients that are present in front of your desk.

Working At A Pizza Place

If you want to do a job as a delivery driver you can quit the present job, immediately you will get an awesome outfit. You will be paid for your first job after you choose the next one. The delivery driver’s job is to take the Pizza to the customer’s house, notice that, once delivery is appointed to you, will get the location by showing the digital arrow signals. Once you grab the pizza you have to follow the signals which indicate the delivery point.

2. Natural Disaster Survival

This Natural Disaster Survival game is quite funny, adventurous, and thriller for adults, kids, and teenagers. Disaster warns you, do not stand near to tall structures when an earthquake is happening. This game offers different rounds to complete and for each round, you will get a new disaster and map randomly. Supports multiple players notice that, if you die, you can watch the rest of the players how to try to survive from the safety tower through the lobby. You should pay attention all the time to survive the natural disaster in the game.

Natural Disaster Survival

For each round, you will get a special game experience while surviving natural disasters through earthquakes, heavy rainfall, and Meteor Showers. Once you get cautious while playing the game you need to watch the sky and find shelter to survive Meteor Showers. If you got killed by meteor showers, you can watch the rest of the players how to try to survive the volcanos and other disasters. Natural Disaster Survival is all kinds of genres of games popularized by millions of people around the world.

3. Blox Fruits

When you entered Blox Fruits, you need to choose either the Pirate’s side or the Marines’ side. The game allows players to create a Pirate crew themselves and you need to defy the pirates and Marines. Need to team up with Pirates to get cheaper ships and then claim bounties. Either way, become a Blox fruit user or master swordsman to become the strongest player. While you sail across the ocean choose yourself to fight against pirates and find the hidden secrets.

Blox Fruits

The game offers plenty of current fruits including Flame, Bomb, Diamond, Smoke, Light, love, Chop, Magma, Falcon, Ice, Spring, Spike, Portal, Sand, Rubber, Dark, Revive, Kilo, Spike, Rumble, Barrier, Quake, Gravity, Spider, Buddha, Blizzard, Phoenix, Paw, Venom, Shadow, Dragon, Dough, Leopard, and Control.

4. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake

Quill Lake is full of hidden ancient treasures, areas, and dark secrets. While you play this game your eye should be sharper then only you will discover more things. To get Scuba gear unique tools and upgrades you need to visit Steves’s scuba gear and invest your cast over there. Because you will need some equipment in some areas to dig or discover treasures. When you scuba dive underwater you will get some gold coins. Notice that, keep your eyes on the gold coins when you see them, and collect them immediately.

Scuba Diving At Quill Lake

Using those gold coins you can refill your air tanker for scuba diving through scuba gear. Scuba gear provides a scuba mask and air tank, an advanced suite that helps you in increasing swimming speed, a geolocator to determine location, a Flashlight to illuminate dark areas, Life Jacket to quickly resurface, and a Dive weight to quickly sink. All Treasure chest keys, Backpack upgrade 1, Shack fast travel, Golden VIP Necklace, and more in the pawn shop near Quill Lake.

5. Speed Run 4

Collect 30 stars by unlocking zombie mode and more dimensions. To get a new dimension use the code, Moon. It is a challenging platform to test your gaming skills and the game offers 30 levels to complete to run. While you playing the game you will get a new appearance and a unique song at each level. To finish the levels you should race against the clock, race with your friends, and stay at the timer. As I said earlier, at each level, you will get a different look appearance, and unique song along with the different shapes of the cube boxes and you have to cross over the boxes. When you go through an empty door each time you will get a new level.

Speed Run 4

6. Pet Simulator X

There is a new diamond world that will be introduced in Pet Simulator X in a few days, we are going to make diamonds tons of times faster than before. Everybody must have diamonds which ensures the pet’s prices are going to go up more and more. If you have 25 billion diamonds you can buy a couple of huge hell rocks. You can see crates, chests, safes, and the name worlds Diamond Mines. Currently, present more than 1000 pets to collect so you need to earn coins, open eggs, and collect pets.

Pet Simulator X

7. Murder Mystery 2

There are three kinds of characters involved in this Murder Mystery 2 innocent, sheriff, and murderer. Innocents are always hiding from the murderer and by using detective skills you can expose the murderer. The sheriff is always on the innocent’s side and the sheriff always carries a gun to take down the murderer. A murderer always eliminates everyone and doesn’t try to get shot by the sheriff. if you want to be a trader you could by collecting hundreds of knives and trading with them.

Murder Mystery 2

At the very beginning of the game, you need to choose whether you would be an innocent or sheriff or murderer. For instance, if you choose an innocent, you should try to hide from the murderer first and then use your gaming skills to expose the murderer among others. If you choose yourself as a murderer you can kill anyone of them in the lobby or outside with your knife. During hiding from the murderer or killing anybody or being sheriff, you will be able to collect the coins and eggs to trade with knives.

8. Jailbreak

Before going to start the game you have to find the gun shop around the entire map, pick up any gun yourself once you head into the gun shop and the gun should be a fast fire rate or high damage weapon. After you have chosen the weapon go and launch the mobile garage, if you want to perform the vehicle weapon trick spawn anything. To get on the bike seat you have to stand beside the seat and hold your weapon. While entering the bike seat instantly, you get to unequip and equip the gun. Now you will be able to attack players while driving around quickly.


Use the trick of unequipping and equipping the gun to stop following the players who are chasing you. You can also escape from the prison by heading over to the main gate for this, to break the metal gate you should turn back and walk backward into the metal gate behind. Choose a role for yourself where you would be a robber or sheriff to catch the criminals. Invite your friends and team up with your friends to plan the raid or heist.

9. Adopt Me

To start playing the Adopt Me game first, you have to select the Adopt Me button and then choose your role as a baby or parent. Baby, you can be by yourself you don’t need a parent, and parent you are supposed to do anything like you have to find out your baby and lots of stuff you have to do. Being a parent you have to put your baby to sleep. In between the game, you will receive some invitations from your friends to the party. If you want to view it click on the view tab or want to negotiate simply click on the decline tab.

Adopt Me

Grocery shops are available for players to buy the required stuff for their babies like chocolates, water, milk, dolls, and more. Various kinds of vehicles out there, catch them and ride the vehicles by carrying your babies. So whatever role you want to like to be you can choose yourself and start playing the game to get more fun and experience as well.

10. Theme Park Tycoon 2

With the help of your friends get a plot of land yourself to build your theme park yourself. Construct rides, and design roller coasters to create your park with the help of hundreds of scenery pieces. Players are going to build the greatest fame park the world’s ever seen. You will build tracks, roads, giant wheels, and whatever you have seen in real-world parks. You can paint anything using a painter by dragging your mouse. The game offers plenty of a huge range of rides to construct such as Teacups, Carousel, Spiral Slide, Observation, Ferris Wheel, vintage cars, dark Rides, Plane Rides, and Baloon rides.

Theme Park Tycoon 2

For instance, if you are trying to build Teacup ride in your park select it from the rides section at the bottom. Once you have selected tea cups it will show you the place where it has to construct. After placing it correctly, an options box will appear on your screen including appearance, thoughts, stats, and operations. Using these you can construct your rides and even build stalls, scenery, paths, and terrain, pick, and make paint. If you want to remove any construction that was built, you can remove it by using destroy option.

11. All-Star Tower Defence

All-star tower defence is the most popular adventurous, battle, and fun game and more than 1.3 million people have voted for this game. Use the units to defend your enemies and if you want to upgrade your troops you should unlock the attacks during the battle. You can bring more troops during the battle by unlocking the new units. Please bring your friends into the story mode or the infinity tower, you will find new things in the summon gate and collect them.

All-Star Tower Defense

If you want to join the fight you need to gather a team of heroes, with the help of inventory you need to equip all the heroes for battle.

12. Super Bomb Survival

Super bomb survival is a sci-fi game application where players will meet heavy raining explosives from the sky. Join your friends to escape from the heavy explosives of all kinds in this frantic scramble. To become a badge tycoon have to escape random events. The survival shop offers more than 60 skills and 20 perks to improve your character and play style.

Super Bomb Survival

The magic dice pick a completely random skill every time you activate it, but you will get fun in a chaotic sense and you never know what might come next. Maybe it will be a rocket or stealth mine or self-destruct, you need to have skills to escape from the explosions from the sky. Don’t get any confusion while playing the game.

13. Hide And Seek Extreme

At the beginning of the game, the player gets selected to be it. So it means you have to discover the rest of the players. You will have a special skill that will help you in catching up with the hiders in the game. Player characters will sell in the shop and you need to buy them. There are several places out there to hide players including the attic, the store, the backyard, the workshop, Ethan’s bedroom, and the kitchen. “It” is the character you have to choose yourself, you can see how many players are alive at the top of the screen.

Hide And Seek Extreme

Need to be patient in finding the hiders always, lots of things you can see such as ladders, tables, boxes, constructions, and more. Climb and run on anything to catch up with the hiders. The game depends on the time within the time you need to find out the hider, otherwise, the game ends.

14. Build A Boat For Treasure

What do you do when first get into the game, you start with making a bit of a boat. While you riding the boat you will meet several rocks on the sea and you need to escape from them. Move forward to the grass side to build a bot at the beginning of the game. Using the tool you need to build blocks, once you have built blocks click on the launch option on the left-hand side of the screen. After that, you will be on riding to get gold. Through the shop, you can buy painting tools, a binding tool to bind special blocks, a property tool to edit blocks’ special properties, a scaling tool to stretch the block’s size, and a trowel tool to move and clone blocks.

Build A Boat For Treasure

15. Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors game offers lots of controls including General, Melee, ranged, and Misc. Dash, Slide, Stomp, Side Kick, Revive, Carry, Crouch, and Shift lock have come under the General category weapons section. Dash is in the same direction while you are holding the movement key, the slide is also another movement that you can use while you are sprinting, Stomp is going to be a finisher for instance if someone on the ground dying or when you get them low you can finish them quickly, Stomp that swing your weapon on enemies, and you can revive anyone.

Combat Warriors

Parry, Glory Kill, Finish, and Flourish have come under the Melee section. To deflect an attack press the F button on your keyboard, Glory kill is used to kill when someone’s low on health, if you want to kill someone very fast press the T button, and more. Use shortcut control buttons to kill enemies very fastly and finish them. Combat Warriors is a battle game and get daily rewards also.


What is the #1 most popular Roblox game?

According to billions of playing Adopt Me is the number one game that has been played by 32.67 billion people.

What is the funniest Roblox game?

There are plenty of the funniest Roblox games are there in which Devious Lick, Fart Attack, The Presentation Experience, Mega Noob Simulator, and Wacky Wizards are the Funniest Roblox games.

What is Roblox’s scariest game?

Dead Silence is a game, which is a recreation of the original horror film Dead Silence. Dead Silence game is the creepy, violent, breathtaking, and scariest game experience you will get.

Final Words

I recommend some games like Jailbreak, Murder Mystery 2, Scuba Diving At Quill Lake, Natural Disaster Survival, and Work at a Pizza Place. When you play these games you will get more fun and game experience with your friends. Notice that, a list of online friends will appear on your screen while playing any game on Roblox. If you want to chat with them about the game you can chat through a chat group.

With this Roblox, you can make friends worldwide and share your gaming experience with your friends. Some game applications take more time to load the game, so you should be patient while you surf on the Roblox play store. Grab the vehicle, shoot anyone you want, capture murderers, steal anything, and find out gold, treasure, and more in these Roblox games.