Backwards 3: How to Type Ɛ on PC & Mobile

Backward 3 is the special symbol to use on Facebook, WhatsApp status, Instagram dm, and other social media networks. Backward 3 or reverse 3 or flipped 3 all are the same to describe the symbol Ɛ. Use this reverse 3 symbol and add it to the greater than a symbol which will appear as a love symbol. Nowadays, teenagers were looking for different and unique symbols to propose their love on social media networks through statuses.

Here in this section, we explained different types of methods or tricks to type backward 3 easily. But it is very difficult to copy the symbol Ɛ every time by going through the site, especially on Android devices. Upsidedown is the mirror online website it displays any word or text or number you enter will display it in reverse instantly.

What is Backwards 3?

The backward 3 represents a symbol that looks like the letter E reverse or the numeric number 3 reverse. Depending on the usage of it can be called flipped 3, inverted 3, and 3 flipped. This backward 3 can be called in Greek letters Epsilon, Ɛ.

This backward 3 can be used to represent or express love in social media networks while chatting. When you combined Ɛ with greater than symbol > it forms the heart “Ɛ>”, when you flip it to your right you can see the heart symbol. When you combine less than symbol < with 3 will form the heart symbol “<3” simultaneously.

Most mathematics lovers use this type of feature in social media networks.

What does Backward 3 in Various Subjects?

We will explain to you what Backward 3 does in maths, chemistry, Physics, and other sciences. When you see the numeric number 3 mirrored then it is the symbol of Epsilon in Greek Letters. In equations, it usually uses a variable.

Depending on the equation and notation the symbol V varies in representations. In statistics, the symbol Ɛ represents an error term commonly. Generally, the symbol Ɛ denotes an arbitrarily small positive number.

In mathematics, the symbol epsilon denotes “belongs to” “∈” or in the set of x ∈Y. And also indicates the parameters range like x ∈ [0,1,2,3].

In Astrology backward 3 is called Epsilon Tauri and it represents the biggest star in the constellation of Taurus.

How to Type Backward 3 on Your Devices?

You have to be tricky to type the symbol Ɛ on any device specially on mobile devices. In this session, we are going to explain to you how to type the symbol Ɛ on different operating systems and mobile devices.

Type Backward 3 on your PC, Android, & iPhone

Make sure that most Android and iPhone devices do not allow you to type the symbol Ɛ. Here we are introducing a straightforward solution for you.

When you combined Ɛ with greater than symbol > it forms the heart “Ɛ>”, when you flip it to your right you can see the heart symbol. Now use this symbol on your social media networks through your iPhone devices.

Copy the symbol here    “Ɛ>”

Follow the same steps to obtain this symbol on your personal computer.

Ways to Type Backward 3

There are three types of methods available to type backward 3 or reverse or flipped 3. We use a third-party web application for one method among these three methods to type backward 3. Let’s see the methods one after another.

Trick 1: Backward 3 Alt Code

If you want to type the symbol Ɛ or reverse 3 in Microsoft Word then the Alt code is the best choice for you to use. Let’s see how to use the alt code in your Microsoft Word.

  • Launch the Microsoft Word document on your computer through Cortana.
  • Now type the number 0190 using your keyboard and straight away press Alt + X together.
backwards 3
  • Once you have pressed the Alt X, the number you typed will disappear, and reverse 3 will appear on your Microsoft Word page.

Notice that, this method won’t be applicable to type backward 3 on your social media networks on your mobile devices.

Trick 2: Copy The Reverse 3 & Paste

The above trick will apply to your personal computer when comes to mobile devices it wasn’t working at all. The simple trick is to copy the symbol Ɛ and paste it where you want it to use. You can use this symbol Ɛ by copying and pasting on any social media network while chatting such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Instagram DM, WhatsApp status, or else. It is a very difficult and frustrating thing to copy and paste from the site every time you need. If you don’t like this method go for the next trick.

Trick 3: Reverse Text Website or Upside Down Text

In this trick, we will use an online mirror text website application to reverse the number 3 for this, what we have to do is just type the number 3 and it will reverse the number 3 to Ɛ straight away. Let’s see how to get reverse 3 using an upsidedown online web application.

  • Let’s launch any web browser on your mobile or computer.
  • Now go search the Upsidedown website on your browser.
  • Once you get into the site, type the number 3 in the top box as you can see in the image.
  • After that, you can see the number 3 is reversed on the below box immediately like Ɛ.

Note that, this Upsidedown online website not only reverses the number 3 but also it reverses whatever you enter in the box such as letters, numbers, texts, symbols, and words.

Additional Trick

You can use Microsoft Word document again for this trick, let’s see how to use Microsoft Word to type the backward 3 or reverse 3.

  • Launch the Microsoft Word document on your computer through Cortana.
  • Now select Times New Roman as the font style and then click on the Insert tab.
  • After that, you can see the Symbol tag to the last at the top row, click on it.
  • You can see lots of symbols choose the reverse 3 symbols from the list.

Backward 3 On Mac

You use the trick alt code here on this Mac as you used on your PC, Alt code trick won’t work on Mac precisely. We use Google Docs to type the backward 3 on Mac let’s how it works.

  • Launch Google Docs on your Mac.
  • Now choose the Insert tab at the top of the document.
  • Select the Special symbol option out there.
  • A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Let’s search for the backward 3 or reverse 3 from the displayed list on your screen.


What is Backwards 3 called?

You can see this symbol on ancient rocks and in a modern typology that was introduced from medieval minuscule which looks like the number 3 reverse.

What do the backward 3 symbols mean?

The ampersand is simplified as an epsilon sometimes and also sometimes epsilon is shown as a vertical line a dot below and above it.

What is the curved 3 symbol?

In mathematics, the curved 3 symbol or three bar lines represents equal to the third line.

Final Words

If you have an Android device at you and you want to use the backward symbol, the better way is to copy the symbol Ɛ and paste it where you want to use it. Instead of that, if you have a personal computer there are multiple options to get the symbol Ɛ through a Microsoft Word document by using the Alt Code method.

Through Google Docs also you can type the backward 3 or reverse 3 and apply it on any social media network. However, want to get any text or word, or number in reverse it is better to go with an online mirror text web application.