Pekka Bridge Spam Deck: How to Use in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a widely popular online multiplayer strategy-based card game where players use an 8-card deck to fight in real time. Pekka Bridge Spam is one of the most popular decks in Clash Royale that players love to use. We will learn about it here.

The Clash Royale community is too fond of the Pekka Bridge Spam as it absolutely demolishes the opponent’s defence. It’s hard to counter. However, if you want to know how to counter the Pekka Bridge Spam, we’ll share some effective tricks here.

Let’s move forward to explore what is the PEKKA Bridge Spam, how does it work, and how to use it in Clash Royale to decimate your opponents.

What is the Pekka Bridge Spam Deck in Clash Royale?

The Pekka Bridge Spam, often spelled as the P.E.K.K.A. Bridge Spam, is a deck that is a highly versatile stack suitable for all sorts of battles. It is a balanced collection that performs well on the attack and defence front.

The incredible deck for the F2P score consists of variations of the following 8 cards:


The P.E.K.K.A is the leader and the central card of the Pekka Bridge Spam deck. This monstrous card is a melee ground unit with serious damage and hitpoints which makes it ideal to use as a hard-hitting tank. It can deal serious harm to your opponents.

  • Damage: 1081
  • Hitpoints: 4982
  • Cost: 7 Elixir


The Musketeer is a card with a ‘Rare’ rarity. It deals high damage and can be unlocked after completing the Clash Royale training. This cool card works in great synergy with Pekka. Their perfect collaboration can take down any ground or air troop of the enemy.

  • Damage: 289
  • Hitpoints: 955
  • Cost: 4 Elixir


The Fisherman is a powerful Legendary card that players can unlock in Arena 15 from the Miner’s Mine. It is a strong melee troop that can attack only one target but it completely decimates it. This card uses a strong hook that can pull opposing troops toward it.

  • Damage: 1152
  • Hitpoints: 256
  • Cost: 3 Elixir


The Zap works as a support for the Pekka Bridge Spam deck. This medium-range spell can be obtained from Arena 5. It stuns enemy troops for 0.5 seconds allowing friend troops to gain time to have a great advantage. It can also knock down air troops for a short span, providing time for Pekka to attack towers.

  • Damage: 254
  • Cost: 2 Elixir


The Miner is a melee unit with incredible damage and hitpoints. You can place it anywhere on the battlefield and it can do wonders, especially when around enemy towers. Players can unlock this Legendary card at Arena 4. This card has a unique ability that allows it to reach towers without taking damage. This makes it an amazing troop.

  • Damage: 256
  • Hitpoints: 1600
  • Cost: 3 Elixir


Fireball is a spell card that you can place anywhere on the battlefield. It allows players to defend Pekka from attacks while dealing significant tower damage. You can get this after completing the Clash Royale training.

  • Damage: 913
  • Cost: 4 Elixir


The Wizard is an attacking troop that is impressive against certain troops and air units such as Skeleton Army, Minions, and Goblin Barrel. You can unlock this card at Arena 4. It deals great damage and works well in combination with Pekka for the Bridge Spam deck.

  • Damage: 373
  • Hitpoints: 955
  • Cost: 5 Elixir

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is a very powerful Champion card in Clash Royale that players can receive in Arena 14. She has an X-Bow weapon that can assault both ground and air troops. She also has the ability to turn invisible for a few seconds. This makes her brilliant to combine with Pekka in the Bridge Spam deck.

  • Damage: 299
  • Hitpoints: 1330
  • Cost: 5 Elixir

You can use this powerful deck to deal great damage to your opponents while protecting yourself at the same time. However, you’ll need the right strategy to bring the best out of this deck in battles.

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck Alternative Collections

There are more combinations of cards for the Pekka Bridge Spam deck. You can use these collections to have an upper hand on the battlefield. The first one shared below is called the original PBS while the next is the deck which is more preferred lately.

The original Pekka Bridge Spam Deck in Clash Royale:

  1. P.E.K.K.A
  2. Fireball
  3. Zap
  4. Bandit
  5. Ghost
  6. Magic Archer
  7. Battle Ram
  8. Electro Wizard

The latest Pekka Bridge Spam Deck in Clash Royale:

  1. P.E.K.K.A
  2. Zap
  3. Bandit
  4. Royal Ghost
  5. Minions
  6. Poison or Fireball
  7. Battle Ram
  8. Electro Wizard

Many players use Fireball instead of Poison in their Pekka Bridge Spam deck due to the Royale hogs in the mega available currently. However, you can continue playing with Poison and if you’re deploying the right strategy, you won’t be at any disadvantage.

How to Win a Battle with Pekka Bridge Spam Deck?

The Pekka Bridge Spam or PBS is a deck with the ultimate aim of gaining an elixir advantage using units that provide quick pressure and then getting an edge over your opponents with a massive single or split lane push.

If you want to win a battle with the PBS in Clash Royale, you can use the following strategy:

  • Cycle a Bandit or Ghost at the back when you hit 10 Elixir. This would make the opponent leak Elixir while they decide what to do as these units are hard to deal with.
  • If you are up 1 Elixir, play a Bandit or Ghost at the back. However, if you are up 2 Elixir, you can play a Pekka at the back, only if the matchup allows. If not, just cycle Bandit or Ghost instead.
  • If you are up 3 or more Elixir, Battle Ram the bridge and try pressuring the other lane after they start defending it.
  • When you are 2 Elixir up in single, 1 Elixir up in double, or when you can take a tower, you can try a Magic Archer lineup. However, if you use a single bad Magic Archer, you may allow the opponent to turn the tables.

Keep continuing this cycle of pressure throughout the game but don’t let the opponents counter your assault.

We have also shared the Interactions, Upgrade Priority, and Match Ups for the PBS deck below:

Interactions for the PBS

The Zap is the most important single card in your Pekka Bridge Spam deck as it provides you with a wide range of interaction differences. You can easily outplay your opponents when using them correctly.

Note: These interactions are based on maxed-level cards.

  • Zap + Pekka will kill – Fisherman, Cannon Cart, Hunter, Bandit, Queen, and Night Witch
  • Zap + Bandit will two-shot Musketeer, Ice Wiz, Witch, and Wizard
  • Zap + Ghost is almost the same as the Bandit
  • Zap + Fireball will kill Musketeer, Witch, and Wizard
  • Fireball + Pekka kills Ebarbs

Upgrade Priority for the PBS

You should always keep cards within a level and take care of your whole deck for a balanced output. For instance, you can go 12-13 in order of these cards and then move to 13-14 in order.

Here is the upgrade priority you should follow for your Pekka Bridge Spam deck:

  • Ghost – it will one shot maxed Princess and Dart Goblin.
  • Bandit – it will make sure all the interactions work properly.
  • Electro Wizard – it will kill flying units like Balloons quicker.
  • Zap – it will help for interactions.
  • Pekka – it will make sure that it can 2 shot units like the Hog + Tower.
  • Fireball – it is required for tower damage.
  • Battle Ram – It can give serious beating to the tower if it connects.

If you have alternatives of these cards, you can customise the upgrade priority according to their role. Make sure you continue your aggressive stance while still focusing on the opponent’s moves.

How to Counter the Pekka Bridge Spam in Clash Royale?

If you constantly find yourself getting defeated by the opponents using the Pekka Bridge Spam, then you need to look for a good counter-attack strategy. The best way to cut this type of deck is to come up with your own Pekka Bridge Spam deck.

You just have to try and get aggressive before your opponent has started their assault. The Bridge Spam player will likely put down a Royal Ghost or Bandit to push you on the defence front but you can counter them with a punishing card like the Prince, Hog, Battle Ram, Bandit, or Mini P.E.K.K.A.

You can also use a Valkyrie to counter the PBS, and if it’s low-levelled, you can try an Executioner. The key is to not overcommit your Elixir when you know their deck. It’s possible to destroy PBS players with the right set of moves.

Summing It Up

Pekka Bridge Spam is a highly popular deck style in Clash Royale. This versatile deck is suitable for all sorts of players and can help you a lot on the battlefield. Now you know which combination of cards you need to use and the right strategy for the PBS.

Don’t forget to share some tips about using and countering the PBS in the comments section. Stay tuned for more Clash Royale guides, tips, and tricks.